Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Making Mistakes But Still Remain In Him

How do I even start to open my mouth and Call upon Him
How do I even have the guards to say His name
How do I even plead for His mercy and grace

Where do I go from here
What do I say to Him

What I feared most has come upon me

But in the midst of all these questions, He says harsh be still....................
I kept quiet for a moment and all i could hear was water from the mountain then He spoke and said Peace I give to you not as the world gives | My Peace I leave to you.

I asked Him how can you give me peace after this shamefulness I did the He says I came for those who have faults and sinned that they think no one will be able to rescue you.

You may feel down, dirty, shameful, filthy etc but He says come as you are and He will set you free

Does it mean when I come to Him I will live a free life from Challenges, Temptation, Persecution
Absolutely No but it means in every step of the way He is with me, Giving me the Strength to continue,
Giving me Hope, Restoring my Faith everyday, Availing His grace all the Time.

I wait and Judge myself
I tell Him but Lord I don't deserve to be your child; I tell Him what IF I keep on making these mistakes
There He says child Remain in Me and I will Remain in You

I prayed;

Dear Heavenly Father, Thank you for yet giving me another chance. Forgive me for my iniquities, faults, mistakes, for sinning before you. Take me again as your child, restore in me the joy of Salvation. Make me strong in my weaknesses. Father I give my life to you, let your Will be Done. In Jesus Christ's name I pray. Amen

Monday, 17 February 2014

Grace of God

Powerful Grace of God; this is amazing.
If God was a human being; Thank God He is not a human being.
Strength we need to Journey with the Lord faithful.

Many wonder why am I still holding on?
Why do I continue serving God, standing in the Altar of God, Lead Prayer but I sin.

The word GRACE hit all over again and again..... I could not understand it at the moment all i ever do is to blame and feel guilty to the point I stop breathing but the Faithful God kept on whispering this to me and reminded me of the Birth,Life,Death and the Rising of the Lord Jesus Christ (The Resurrection).

He is a forgiving God no matter what you have done, it cannot stop you from worshiping, giving service to God. The More I pressed on Worship and Praising God I felt Peace and I knew this is Forgiveness.

I Prayed to Him, I said Oh Lord Take away the filthy, dirt, smell, corruptible thoughts, all the malice from me and Put your direct ways, thoughts, meditation and teachings in my mind. Because He is able, He gave me this and I knew from that day there is someone who goes through this same thing all i could do was to pray that God may give His Peace and Forgiveness to that Person and that He may find his rightful Position in God.

Come back to the Father, let no sin take away your Joy in the Lord.

He is not looking for the Perfections but for those who desperate, seek Him.

Praise Him in the midst of your Imperfections and Draw closer to Him.

Praises I am out of the Imprisonment of Sin......

Love every moment of This

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

I live By Grace..............

There are people that Looks upon you, take you as their role model. I find myself in that position where i do not want to continue coaching my friends because I have realized I am not Perfect and I need the Lord Jesus Christ in my life more I ever imagine.

The Grace of God came in my life; today I know that I live by the Grace of my Redeemer Only Him gives me an ability to continue this walk of Salvation. I remembered that I never and would never Pay the Price of this Free amazing Grace. His Truthful Word says Work out Your Salvation with Fear and Trembling; I look around me when i am alone in my room all i could see was the Mercy & Love of God. I need not to fear people but to fear the Living Almighty God. I am sorry Lord for all i have done, my mistakes, my falls all I ask is the Grace to Please only you Lord Jesus.

You have called me into your Holiness without Paying any entrance fee; I thank you Lord for speak things as if they are. Thank You for I am a new creation as you declared in your Word. Lead me to a place of Your Holiness.......... My souls yearns for you oh Lord, fill me to the brim.

Thank You Lord

Thursday, 8 November 2012

My last blog

Dear Blog

It has been great working with you, at first I did not understand how you operate but I am glad that I was given a chance to know you more.

Now, I know how you function and this is because you allowed me to write anything I wanted to, thanks for allowing to share my thoughts in you.

When i wrote you never erase my ideas but one thing you could do was to accepts as they are

I hope that one day I would get the chance to post a blog once again

Continue operating in a good way....

Dear classmates

It has been a great year and i thank those that took time to even view my blog and read it, hopefully something has blessed you.

I pray that wherever you will be next year, may the Lord Jesus Christ guide you and protect you

To those that will be applying for the Jobs, have Faith and it will come to pass.

Keep on applying, don't give up.

This is from me Babalwa Khungekile

I can't wait

29th December 2012

Is the special day, many are wondering what will be happening

Don't worry if you are close to me you will know

I just want to appreciate this one person in my life (my aunt: Gcobisa Mokgopo)

She is God's gift to me.... Thanks for seeing me as someone with a future


I was thinking about the coming year, on what i will be doing, where would i be.

I have a desire but will it be like that....?

Its just a question, I just want to know what God has instored for me in the year 2013

Have you thought about it on what would you be doing besides your job....

But something for a change, something different, something giving back to your community

I want to know what God is saying I should do to give back or change someone's life.

The end of the year 2012

What will you be doing for the last day in the year 2012

Usually what we do when we at home, we would go to church as the family at night.

It will a good time then in the morning we go to the beach to relax and enjoy......

I like the family bond than the friendship bond; its a good thing that I am going home this December....

I am so excited I can't wait...........

2012 Celebrating Christmas and The new year....